Artisans Park Electricity


Artisans Park uses a 1929 CS Lister engine manufactured in England integrated with the latest technology to produce affordable energy.


                32v DC > 28v DC inverted 240AC = plug in your computer

Why use such an old Engine?

The cold-start or C/S designed engines can be started by hand cranking and doesn't require electronics of any kind in order to run. The CS engine design doesn't require any glow plugs to be started as it has a compression change valve which could increase the compression for cold starting! Having no electrical parts to fail and the slow running speed were just a few of the reasons for their incredible dependability. The specially designed indirect injection cylinder head allows these diesel engines to run on a variety of oils including bio-diesel, vegetable oil, pump diesel and many waste oils, they will also run on wood gas fumes, Some engines are known to have run in excess of 200,000 hours unattended, besides there is something very cool about watching and listening to a 650 rpm engine as it thuff thuffs and goes about doing serious work.

These engines use the simplest technology and when compared to a modern engine and have very few breakdowns.

Fuel consumption compared to a modern generator is amazing due to the fact that modern generators are now driving more things to keep them running things like cooling fans, chargers, fuel pumps and a host of things that add to there fuel consumption.


Wouldn't solar or wind be more cost effective?

No not even close! Solar and wind have two major faults there main fault is they can only produce energy in the correct conditions i.e.: windy or sunny and because of this a huge costly battery bank is needed.

Set up cost is another issue with both wind and solar, a $50,000 solar system will still require a back up generator. Artisan's Parks systems set up costs were around $3,000 with a fuel bill of around $5-$10 per week and we still have the choice to use free waste oil.

Can you plug in normal appliances?

Yes we use off the shelf appliances from any electrical store.

Is the generator modern?

No we use a 1920s 32 volt DC direct current generator running through an old switch board that has been integrated with modern technology it is than sent to the charge room at 28 volts DC direct current and charges a 24 volt solar battery bank before passing through a 240 volt AC alternating current inverters powering the house.

Whats the big black tank next to the generator?

This is a cooling tank full of water it is doing the job of a modern radiator and fans however it does not use any power from the engine just thermal sorption to work.

Why is the energy bill so low?

We use gas fridges, stoves and our hot water is also not connected to the power being wood, waste oil and hydro instant gas all interconnected.