How the bus was created.

In November 2010 the bus was discovered sitting abandoned on a property in Turondale, amongst the Blue Mountains.  For over 20 years the bus had been sitting unused by humans, however it had become inhabited by many types of wildlife including mountain goats.

The owner of the bus was tracked down through a local, and when contacted he stated it was "scrap metal", and "if you could move it, you are welcome to take it", knowing in his mind that it would be impossible to move. However he would be proven wrong.

On the 16 January 2011 a local named Steve, from Good Luck station, was contacted to help move the double decker bus with his bulldozer.  The tyres were also perished on the bus so some had to be borrowed from a next door neighbour, Graham, to enable the big move to happen.

Everything was in place for the action to begin, however there were some obstacles to overcome before the move could start. The bus had been stuck in the one location for so long that huge trees had grown all around it, and then there was the steep driveway to tackle - was the bus even going to make the steep incline being pulled by a bulldozer?


To the local's surprise, the bus was dragged out from between the trees onto the road without too many problems. The front of the bus was then chained to the ripper of the bulldozer, and the journey home to Artisans Park had begun. It was quite a spectacle to watch a huge bulldozer pull an old beloved double decker London Bus up a windy mountain road. A huge sense of accomplishment was felt by all involved once the bus finally reached its new home at Artisans Park.

Now the fun was about to begin…….. the restoration!

Rubbish had to be removed from inside the bus and anything that could be reused was kept aside.  This was a huge dirty job but was achieved within one week with the help of 2 guys and 1 girl from Norway.  Most of the windows were smashed by vandals and the driver's area was completely destroyed with bricks.  The bus was also covered in bullet holes, once being a target for shooters in the area. Was this going to be too great of a challenge?

Once the rubbish and broken glass was removed, the repairing of bullet holes and dents on the outside started. Then it was time to bring the bus back to its true beauty…being painted that wonderful bright red.

February had approached and it was time to start the next challenge - the inside of the bus.   All the original floors had rotted away and needed to be removed. The bus was now only a shell - no windows or floor.

 During March the floors were rebuilt using wooden boards to keep that old beautiful look. The bathroom was created and the plumbing was completed. The bus had also been re-wired ready for lights and power.

Painting on the inside had started, glass had been replaced, and a kitchen had been added.

April came round and painting was still continuing and furnishings had been added to the bedroom, and downstairs area.

May saw the completion of paining both inside and outside of the bus, and the yard work had began.

6 months later in June, a back deck was built onto the bus, doors had been added and the yard become to life with gardens created, trees planted.  

The bus was built with the help of many backpackers and a big thank you to all including:

Line, Torgrim, Arne, Norway
Andrea, Sweden
Toby, England
Pheadra, Germany
Florence, Belgium 
Kirstin, Canada
Leif, Sweden
Anne, Sweden
Ash,  England
Tony, Italy
Anna, Stine, Denmark
Robin, France
Rachelle, Holland
Jamie, England