Short testimonials from our guest book

Amazing view

"The past 2 weeks have been by far the best days I have spent in Australia the scenery will not be found anywhere else in the world. Thanks for everything."

Toby Farrow, Dorset England,UK .

Red bus painting

"I enjoyed every moment of the past five days, the view is just amazing and one of the most unforgettable experiences I have ever made, even if you think all this is normal :) Thank you so much".

Phaedra Mueller Germany.

expierience of Artisans park

"Wow! If I did not have the photos my friends would not believe me. This place is like something out of a movie and something I will never forget thanks."

Gerard Harrington, Ireland. 

"What an experience I have had out here! Enjoyed every minute of it. I have learnt a lot of things that will stay with me forever. Thanks for the opportunity you gave me here".

Ash Bedford, Dorset England.


Swiming at Artisans Park

Thank you Glenn for a amazing week.  I really enjoyed working on the bus and the swimming in the river has been the best cooling down. If you ever need a Swedish couch to stay on just text me. Thanks again".

Andera, Sweden.

"This has been a fantastic experience, only 5 days but intense. So far away from the city, so close to nature, I will miss all this wonderful landscape and friendly people".

 Tony Italy.

"This is most definitely an experience everyone should have traveling to Australia! We would definitely do it again thanks for 6 great different days and also your hospitality".

Anna & Stine, Denmark.


I will never forget these past 5 days in the Australian bush! Everything is different.  It was a big experience for me I learned a lot about your "everyday life." Thank you very much to share your life with me.

Cathy, from France.

Truth is these were the most enjoyable two (yes I've been here forever) weeks of my whole trip to Australia. It couldn't have been more of a pleasure working with you and getting to know you. I look forward to staying in the bus when I return.

No stress, No worries.

Kirstin Morgan, Canada.

Thank you Glenn for this lovely and relaxing week, I'am sure I will have trouble to adjust back to city life, I really learned a lot this week. Thank you for everything and I'll definitely be back again.

Flocence Declexcq, Belgium.

I have spent the last five days here and have had the best time. We have done some crazy funny things and it feels amazing that I have been a part of this huge project. Many thanks to you Glenn and I'am sure we will meet again.

Cheers, Leif Andersson, Sweden.

Been here for 4 days relaxing from the busy city, it has been a great week and I learned a lot!  Thank you and see you next time (soon=)) 

Line Sigbjornsen,  Norway.

Rain, hail, shine, there is no better place to be. Very peaceful place, stay once and you will be back, If you can meet the neighbors, thanks for a great 4 days.

Peter Hayes, Sydney, Australia.

The sign in the bedroom that says "enter as strangers, leave as friends" truly reflects how you will feel after a couple of days here. Thanks for your hospitality, great meals and the opportunity to be a part of this project!   

Robin, France.

My second trip up here and its been great fun fixing up the bus this week, not finished yet but it is a start. we had some awesome times working on the bus and meeting the neighbors. Thanks again for everything.

Torgrim, Norway

Thank you for these last few days we have been here, its been a great experience to meet Australians and to see your farm. To anyone else try to take it all in when your here "photos and more photos" we have taken around 150 just this week.

Best regards Anne & Emih, Sweden.